The abbreviation DCA stands for:

  • The airline DC Aviation, formerly DaimlerChrysler Aviation
  • Democratic Congress Alliance, a former party in The Gambia (1960-1965)
  • Department for Constitutional Affairs, a British judicial authority (2003-2007), predecessor of the Ministry of Justice
  • Department of Community Affairs, existing in various states of the United States authority to support municipalities
  • Deoxycholic acid, a shape of the bile acid
  • Dichloroacetate, see dichloroacetic
  • Dichloroaniline, chemical bond of a benzene ring with two chlorine atoms
  • Direct Chip Attach a mounting way in electronics technology, in which the unpackaged silicon chips are directly mounted on a wiring substrate.
  • Disney 's California Adventure Park, a theme park at the Disneyland Resort
  • Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, IATA code of the airport in Washington, DC
  • DCA GmbH, a German airline based in Stuttgart
  • DCA (car brand ), Spanish car brand
  • Dormant Company Account, to be delivered annually for a dormant UK Limited companies Declaration at Companies House.
  • Dundee Contemporary Arts, a contemporary art museum in Dundee, Scotland.
  • Dynamic Channel Allocation ( Communications Engineering )
  • Digitally Controlled Amplifier, similar to VCAs on an analog mixer
  • Detrended Correspondence Analysis, an ordination method
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