De Gebroeders Ko

The Gebroeders Ko are a Dutch pop duo. It was founded in 1999 by two brothers, Raamsdonksveer tone and Gerard Koopman. Musically, they have specialized in party hits and cover versions. With them they celebrated in their home country some chart success.


Ton and Gerard Koopmans are sons of the singer Gerrit Koopmans, under the pseudonym Gerrit Uittenberg the late 1980s was able to land some hits themselves. Prior to her career as a musician both worked in construction.

In 2003 they succeeded in a first small success with the catchy single Ik heb 'n toeter op m'n Water Scooter. There followed a series of carnival hits. The biggest hit of her career, she ended up with a 2006 recorded in the Dutch language cover version of disco hits Boten Anna, originally from the Swedish DJ Basshunter, the first time they reached the top ten in the Dutch charts. Also, a specially rehearsed for the Christmas version reached the top ten again.

In 2010 she produced the song as mood Shit Vuvuzela for the World Cup 2010. The song is about the vuvuzela horns, the accents are even toyed with Vuvuzelas.

After her title Schatje like ik per photo? was covered in 2009 by Vollker Racho and Marc Pircher in German language, published the Gebroeders Ko in November 2010 along with Mickie Krause own version under the title Schatzi give me a photo. As a performer, however, appeared the abbreviation Ko & Ko. This title abolished in January 2011, the jump in the sales charts of the German-speaking countries.

In 2010 she produced the song helicopter. In summer 2011 coverte Markus Becker ( vocalist ) of this song in German. Her hit avenues Maar Schoenen Aan from the year 2011 in the German version of Mickie Krause ( Only shoes on! ) For commercial success in Germany.



  • 2003: Villa Fiësta
  • 2004: Gorgelende kelen
  • 2006: Knallers