De Havilland Albatross

The De Havilland DH91 Albatross was a quick commercial aircraft for 22 passengers, the end of the 1930s when de Havilland in Hatfield ( Hertfordshire, England) was built. The machine was made ​​entirely of wood, primarily from cedar and balsa wood. This design enabled the DH91 a launch mass of only 13.4 thousand kilograms. It was powered by four 391 kW ( 532 hp) piston engines. The range was 1674 km at a cruising speed of 338 km / h

The Albatross was a highlight of the wooden aircraft. The hull was made ​​of plywood and balsa sandwich construction. This design was later successfully applied to the de Havilland DH98 Mosquito. The wings and tail were also made of wood.

Two Albatross prototypes took over the Royal Air Force ( RAF) in the military service. These were destroyed in August 1941 and April 1942.

Military use

  • Royal Air Force