Dennistoun Glacier

- 71.183333333333168Koordinaten: 71 ° 11 ' S, 168 ° 0' O

The Dennistoun Glacier (English Dennistoun Glacier ) is a glacier, which is 80 kilometers long and the northern edge of the Admiralty Mountains dehydrated in Antarctica, especially the slopes of Mount Black Prince, of Mount Royalist and Mount Adam. It flows between the Lyttelton Range and Dunedin Range to the northwest, before he circled the latter mountain range and turns east to south of Cape Scott to flow into the sea. The tongue of the glacier was mapped in 1911 and 1912 from the northern group of the Terra Nova expedition led by Victor Campbell.

The glacier is named after James R. Dennistoun, a New Zealand mountaineer, who was responsible for the mules aboard the Terra Nova. The entire glacier was mapped by USGS from 1960 to 1963 after research and U.S. Navy air photos. Erroneously, the name Fowlie Glacier, a tributary glacier, applied to this geographical feature.

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