Under Display ( " passed public" for the semantic root represent, compare performance, loans, proffer ) refers to the translation of facts, events or abstract concepts by means of signs, performative acts or models. Historically sufficient representation of the oral tradition about the spectacle to computer graphics and includes numerous methods of communication between text, image and artistic performance.


Representation presupposes the will to mediation by something clarified, is being held or transported. It deviates from the ideal of an unintentional " implied by " reality from even a " true " image. Such deviations may be technical reasons as traces of their medium, or they are conscious changes, for example with the aim of interpretation or emphasis. The relationship between a work and its possible templates is complex because the reaction is determined by the intentions of the artist and of the particular style. The presentation continues, rhetorical devices or artistic techniques and conventions influenced by the chosen medium. There are also representations without current proposal as in abstract art or music.

Representation concepts were in the course of European history is always in conflict between supporters and opponents of mimesis. The Platonic distrust of representation as a mere sham, received into the Christian worldview that was mitigated in modern times by the scientific and technical insight that one can draw conclusions in many cases reliably from effects to causes ( causation): The tinted or with water filled glass fooled by bent a rod or represent in a wrong color, but change the light for reliable laws. Thus, the alleged deception (Plato, in his theory of Ideas responsible for the sense of sight ) through the knowledge of their manufacturing process disempowered.

A central projection as in panel painting of modern times can be make by mechanical measurements, in contrast to the symbolism of the medieval arrangement. Perspective differences in size are due to the demonstration of its measurability claimed no trickery, as Plato in Politeia. Of these regularities can be the defining of an artist will differ, which makes them increasingly advantage.

For scientific or technical models specific aspects can be highlighted to identify relationships or details visually. A clear distinction between highlighting and forgery is sought. It can, for example, to changes in the color or in scale, often subject to certain conventions. Examples include the mapping architecture and representations. As a visualization can be a representation and abstract issues such as data collection or processes illustrate visually, in that they are implemented as graphical elements and symbols. But also highlighting true details can be a distorting representation.

Concrete meanings

  • In mathematics one speaks of the representation theory.
  • In metrology, we expect in the representation of the fact that standardization and standards are publicly available.
  • Etc. In many humanities is referred to in the text of a scientific paper as a representation, in contrast to previous research on the one hand and on the other hand by the scientific Appararat (notes) as footnotes, references
  • In the history of science called " representation " the modern, non- examination of a contemporary ( original ) Source: Primary source as opposed to " secondary literature " (= " display" ) corresponding to the contrast between information and commentary in the news media.
  • In the context of history and archeology is called the representation gone environments with the help of reconstructed clothing and items Living History. If it is concrete historical events, ie the representation reenactment.