Deutsche Vereinigung des Gas- und Wasserfaches

The German Association of Gas and Water Industry Association eV - Technical and Scientific Association is the industry association of the German Gas and Water Management, based in Bonn. The association is involved in self-government with technical and scientific tasks of the fuel gas and water supply.

The DVGW was founded in 1859 in Frankfurt aM and currently has 13,541 members, including 1,903 utilities, 1,386 companies, 252 agencies, institutions, organizations, and 10,000 individual members (as of 1 October 2013 ).

By the end of 1995, the DVGW was incumbent on the national test and marking of gas appliances in Germany.


The association in the legal form of a registered association is independent and recognized as charitable. Its main task is the preparation of the Technical Regulations, with the safety and reliability of the gas and water supply is guaranteed.

The experts of the interested parties create in voluntary cooperation, the DVGW regulations. This means that the technical rules can be developed for the gas and water industry by the industry itself (technical autonomy ). This can result in recognized rules of technology ( AART ), is often referred to in the legislative reference. Compliance with these rules is not a constraint. However, they are standard in case of damage and you can get quasi " legislative acts " in relation to tort law, provided that the underlying law so provides. For example, then it must be shown in case of damage, that at least the Aart were met.


The fields of activity are:

Regulations and standards

Besides drawing up the (national) DVGW regulations of the DVGW also collaborated on the creation of DIN, EN and ISO standards. The DVGW regulations included rules on 31 December 2011 476. The management of the Standards Committee Gas Technology ( NAGas ) at DIN is up to the DVGW.

Testing and certification

Another statute responsibility is to audit and certification. In 2011, over 7,388 products, over 1,478 enterprises, 171 experts, 212 management systems and 519 pre-qualification certified (as of 31 December 2011) The certification activities of the DVGW were taken over by the DVGW CERT GmbH newly established on 1 August 2007, a wholly owned subsidiary of DVGW.

Research and Development

The promotion of research and development work is also included in the Statute of the DVGW. In order to achieve this statutory objective, for example, individual research projects funded or awarded institutional grants to cooperating with the DVGW research institutes. The Institute sponsored by the DVGW are:


Known DVGW worksheets are:

  • DIN 1988 - Technical regulations for drinking water installations ( TRWI ); Technical rule of the DVGW
  • DIN 2000 - Central drinking water supply: Guidelines for drinking water - planning, construction, operation and maintenance of plants; Technical rule of the DVGW
  • G 600 - Technical rules for gas installations ( TRGI )
  • G 607 - liquefied petroleum gas systems in vehicles
  • G 685 - Thermal gas billing
  • G 1000 - Requirements for qualification and the organization of companies for the operation of facilities for wireline service to the public with gas ( gas supply )
  • GW 301 - Qualification criteria for pipeline construction companies
  • W 101 - Guidelines for drinking water protection areas; Part I: Protected areas for groundwater
  • W 102 - Guidelines for drinking water protection areas; Part II: Protected areas for dams
  • W 400, Part 1-3 - Technical rules for water supply systems ( TRWV )
  • W 405 - Provision of fire-fighting water from the public water supply
  • W 551 - domestic hot water and drinking water piping systems; Technical measures to reduce the growth of legionella; Planning, construction, operation and rehabilitation of drinking water installations
  • W 553 - Dimensions of circulation systems in central water heating installations
  • W 1000 - Requirements for qualification and the organization of water utilities.


The Association is an honorary sponsor of the exhibition Wasser Berlin International.