DFS Weihe

The DFS Weihe was a glider that was designed in 1938 by Hans Jacobs of German Research Institute for Gliding (DFS ). The serial production was carried out industrially.


1938 Hans Jacobs designed the DFS Weihe, be able to produce a performance glider cheaper and easier with the thought. The consecration should the Rhönadler - an earlier design by Jacobs for the series production - clearly surpass and proved to be extremely successful. Until 1945, when Schweyer -Flugzeugbau in Mannheim or Jacobs Schweyer aircraft in Darmstadt and built about 300 units under license in Spain, France, Yugoslavia and Sweden. The profiles were taken from the DFS Reiher and it was before the war, the series performance aircraft at all. Until the 1950s, it belonged in international competitions to the leader plane patterns.


Consecration is a single-seat high-wing monoplane. It has the original version to land a pure runner. To start a wheel is tucked under the skid, which drops when you lift. Later versions were also performed with a main wheel.


Aircraft received

  • D -0084 airworthy
  • D -0700 airworthy
  • D- 5862 DFS Weihe 50 German Soaring Museum
  • D- 8239 airworthy, Karl Bauer from Waiblingen flew in 1959 the world altitude record at the Teck, he rolled in a thunderstorm on 9665 m.
  • D- 8866 airworthy
  • OH WAB in Aviation Museum of Central Finland