DG Flugzeugbau DG-1000

The DG- 1000 is a glider of the German glider manufacturer DG Flugzeugbau. It is the further development of the DG- 505, its first flight took place on 27 July 2000.

In addition to the newly developed wing a new suspension is optionally available, which swung so far to the front that can be dispensed with a nose wheel. In the controls came as a novelty of the " Piggott - hook " to giving prevents accidental deployment of the airbrakes. The wings are made of CFRP. The glider - index is 110


There are currently eight versions:

  • DG- 1000S is the standard version with 20 m span. Intended for haul flights and as the classic competition machine.
  • DG-1000S-18/20m is the variant with additional surface ends for the 18 m version.
  • DG- 1000S club has "fixed" 18 -meter wingspan and is a cheaper option for clubs. If a subsequent conversion is planned to DG-1000S-18/20 m, the area division must be ordered.
  • DG- 1000T with sustainer - a 30 -horsepower engine with a specially designed propeller.
  • DG- 1000J: This unofficial version of the DG- 1000 has a jet engine with 400 N thrust, which can be used as a sustainer instead of turbos. It high level flight speeds are possible. The jet engine was integrated by the Akaflieg Karlsruhe in the plane.
  • DG- 1001M is the first self-launch version of the DG- 1000 with an approximately 70 -horsepower Solo motor
  • DG- 1001TE is a DG- 1000T with electric motor. Due to lack of demand it remained only a prototype.

The Turbo version is available for both spans. The newly developed engine control system " DEI- NT " thereby relieving the pilot largely on the operation of the engine. In 20 - m- configuration is for basic aerobatics, with 18 m allowed (with or without engine ) even for full aerobatics. Since February 2009, the aircraft will be produced under the name " DG- 1001". This version, unlike the DG-1000 a number of innovations such as an electric retractable landing gear and the so-called " Mandl extraction ", which brings a small performance boost. The Akaflieg Karlsruhe has its DG- 1000 ( D- KAKJ ) equipped with a jet engine .. The first flight took place on the Idaflieg Summer Meeting in Aalen- Elchingen in August 2011.

The first delivery of the self-launching DG- 1001M in April 2010.

Were produced until the end of 2010 99 machines as pure gliders, with 51 turbo engine and six self- starter.


In February and March 2011, ordered the U.S. Air Force Academy a total of 19 DG -1001 Club as aerobatic trainer and as " Basic Trainer".

In December 2011, the Indonesian Air Force ordered for training purposes three copies of DG- 1001 Club.