Dhu al-Qi'dah

The Dhu l -qa ʿ da (Arabic ذو القعدة, DMG you l -qa ʿ da) is the eleventh and penultimate month of the Islamic calendar. As such, it follows the month of Shawwal and is itself replaced by Dhu al - Hijjah.


From pre-Islamic times, the status of Dhu l -qa ʿ da dates, as well as Dhu al - Hijjah of, Muharram and Rajab, as haram, which means a ban on fighting. The Dhu l -qa ʿ da in India has the nickname Chali, "empty", because it is free of universal feast days.

In India, the Feast of the Holy Gesudaraz is celebrated in Dhu al -qa ʿ da.

In Dhu al -qa ʿ da apply for some of the second and third day as negative.