Dil Ne Phir Yaad Kiya

  • Dharmendra: Ashok
  • Nutan: Ashoo
  • Rehman Amjad
  • Jeevan: Bhagat
  • Tun Tun: Premkali
  • Niranjan Sharma: Shabnams father
  • Mumtaz Begum: Amjad's mother
  • Brahm Bhardwaj: Chef of Ashok and Amjad
  • I. S. Johar: Bhagwan
  • Ravikant: Bhola

Dil Ne Phir Yaad Kiya is a Bollywood film, which focuses on a deep friendship between two men.


Ashok is working with his best friend Amjad in a toy store in the big city. While Amjad's marriage to his girlfriend Shabnam finally fixed, Ashok dreams of the village beauty Ashoo. When he tries to visit in the village, he finds out that she is being held by his stepbrother Bhagat. Bhagat 's after the possession of Ashoos family and has even murdered her brother.

Somehow, Ashok Bhagat trick and so to free his beloved. They flee from the village to make it even to make it in time to Amjad's wedding. On the way a train wreck that few have survived happened. Among the injured is Ashok who is looking for his Ashoo. Amjad learns of the accident and immediately goes to the hospital where he learns of Ashoos death.

Amjad Ashok takes them home to care for him there healthy. As Amjad holds a picture of Ashoo in his hands, he is shocked. Ashoo is the image of Shabnam. Therefore, he can Ashok in the belief that Ashoo is still alive, so as not to jeopardize his health. However long they may Ashok fool and the truth comes to light. It turns out even that Ashoo Shabnams was lost twin sister. After a dispute them Bhagat comes in the way and there will be a further discussion in the Ashok loses his life.



Nominations at the 14th Filmfare Awards

  • Filmfare Award / Best Supporting Actor at Rehman