Discoveries in the Judaean Desert

Discoveries in the Judaean Desert ( DJD ) is the official series of publications for the Ersteditionen the scrolls from the Dead Sea, including index volumes. They appear at Oxford University Press.

The publications began to slow, also delayed disputes to the editorial board of the edition. By 1982, only seven volumes were published. The line of the editorial team took over Pierre Benoit 1971 by Roland de Vaux and gave it in 1986 to John Strugnell on. It was only after recourse to Jewish and Israeli researchers from 1984 and below the main editorship of Emanuel Tov since 1990 the work could proceed more quickly, as many new employees were involved. Since 2010 the series with 40 volumes - over 50 years after the discovery of the Dead Sea - completed. Revisions of the earlier volumes are in preparation.


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