Disko Bay

69 - 52Koordinaten: 69 ° 0 '0 "N, 52 ° 0' 0 " W

The Disko Bay ( Greenlandic: Qeqertarsuup Tunua, dän. Diskobugt, English: Disko Bay) in Baffin Bay is a bay on the central west coast of Greenland at Disko Island.

On the mainland side is on the Bay with 4,546 inhabitants ( 2010) third largest city of Greenland Ilulissat ( Jakobshavn ) and Qasigiannguit ( Christianshåb ) and Aasiaat ( Egedesminde ) on Disko Island, lies the community Qeqertarsuaq ( Godhavn ).

Politically, the Disko Bay is one of metropoloitan Qaasuitsup Press Office, whose main town of Ilulissat is.

List of settlements

From north to south

  • Saqqaq
  • Queqertag
  • Oquaatsud
  • Ilulissat
  • Iliminaq

Further south, from east to west

  • Qasigiannguit
  • Ikamiut
  • Akunaaq
  • Aasiaat
  • In the bay on an island north of Aasiaat: Kitsissuarsuit

On Disko Island

  • Qeqertarsuaq
  • Kangerluk


The oldest documented there colonizing man was a member of the Saqqaq culture, who lived there about 4000 years ago. His preserved in permafrost DNA was sequenced to 79 percent, dismissed it as relatives today live in northeastern Siberia peoples. Later, the ancestors of today's Inuit settled in the area. There are finds from the time of the early and the late Dorset culture. From 1100, the Thule Inuit culture today is established.

About two kilometers south of Ilulissat the ancient settlement Sermermiut lies with the findings from all three ancient cultures Saqqaq, Dorset and Thule were recovered. The settlement had 250 inhabitants, the largest in the founding of Ililussat as a Danish colony at that time Inuit settlement in Greenland.

The next active in the field Europeans were again only in the 18th century, Denmark, the trade item Jakobshavn built in 1741. Whose economic interests are focused on whaling, fishing and fur hunting seals and walruses. In Ilulissat, there was a large factory that produced from whale oil lamp oil. On Disko Island, there was a now derelict coal mine.


Today fishing and tourism are increasingly at the center of economic activities. The Disko Bay is the main destination in Greenland, and is driven by numerous cruise ships.

In the Baffin Bay large oil reserves are suspected. 2010 succeeded Cairn Energy in Disko Bay, a natural gas discovery, which points to an oil deposits.