DJ Paul Elstak

Paul Elstak ( born January 14, 1966 in The Hague, actually Paul Roger Elstak ) is a Dutch Hardcore techno musician and DJ of Indonesian descent. His father is a jazz musician and composer Nedly Elstak.


Paul Elstak is one of the most influential characters in the hardcore techno scene. He often held the reputation of being the inventor of hardcore techno, as he major role in the popularization of this in the early days - had style - referred to in relation to Dutch gabber productions. He succeeded in this particular through his label Rotterdam Records founded in 1992 and the gewesenen with him under contract Act Euro Masters. However, it was the Frankfurt Marc Acardipane that begins with " We Have Arrived " published in 1990 as the first United Mescalinum recognized track of this genre on the label Planet Core Productions.

Paul Elstak has produced not only typical of his native country Gabber, but also softer, cheerful Happy Hardcore and Dance. With some of these tracks, such as its geared towards commercial success cover versions of " Love You More" and " Rainbow In The Sky" or the title " Promised Land ", he even landed in the European charts. This meant that Elstak was represented at this time even in the German Bravo. This was a clear break with the originally strongly influenced by the underground scene and unsuspected as personal sellout, which was then taken away from him evil by many Gabbers. By following gabber productions, however, he could rehabilitate his reputation in the scene after some time.

1997, when Elstak no longer large concentrated on Happy Hardcore and Dance, he devoted along with the punk band Teenage Warning the 1996 deceased Americans Stephen Donaldson (aka Donny the Punk ) and the 1991 late Dutch musician Peter Slaghuis (aka Hithouse, also active at Holy Noise with Paul Elstak and Rob Fabrie ), the publication " Brohymn " which is a cover of the song " Bro Hymn" the punk band Pennywise.

Many titles Elstaks can be found in the consequences of the Dutch comedy series New Kids again, as they fit the style of the characters. Consequently, it was this that Elstak published in December 2010 for the movie New Kids - Turbo wrote the title song and part of the soundtrack.

Paul Elstak published his Happy Hardcore plates for many years under his real name, however, as he used for his gabber tracks pseudonyms, of which the most commonly used DJ Paul. After founding his label Offensive Records he left, however, of this practice and also published again gabber tracks under his full name.