DJ Pierre

DJ Pierre (actually Nathaniel Pierre Jones) is an American house DJ and band member of Phuture, which in the development of Acid House played a significant role.


Together with his friend " Spanky " ( Earl Smith Jr.) Pierre In 1985, the song Acid Trax (originally: In your Mind ) on. With the new sound, the Pierre and Spanky had produced on a Roland TB -303, suggested the song in Chicago immediately ( Posted by DJ Pierre's official website: . "This night played Ron Acid Tracks Us ( Phuture ) was aware that we had created something that touches people. " ) In 1986, the song as a 12" out, Herb J (Herbert R. Jackson Jr.) was now part of the band.

In 1990 he moved away from Chicago in order to market his music better.

Most recently, he appeared for a large public to a Essential Mix for the BBC. DJ Pierre touring else as a DJ and producer through the world.


Pierre still took several other songs under other names on, including when Pierre 's Pfantasy Club and Aly Us and Photon Inc. He was also a founding member of the band Phuture. (Now Phuture 303).