Dominion Astrophysical Observatory

The Dominion Astrophysical Observatory is an astronomical observatory in Saanich (British Columbia), Canada, and was built in 1918 by the Government on the initiative and based on designs by John Stanley Plaskett. The observatory has a 72 " reflecting telescope and a 48" telescope. It was the first Canadian observatory which reached international significance and then until about the middle of the 20th century was one of the most important in the world.

Initially, the observatory was equipped only with a telescope. In 1962, the observatory then acquired a second telescope with a diameter of 1.22 meters. Equipped with only a spectroscope was mainly used to study binary stars.

In 1970 the responsibility for the observatory at the National Research Council of Canada was transferred.

The observatory was declared on 12 January 2001 on the National Historic Site of Canada.

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