DPA is an abbreviation for:

  • Danske Populærautorer
  • D -penicillamine
  • Dayton Peace Accord an arms control agreement
  • Democratic Party of Albanians
  • Departamento de Produção Animal
  • Department of Political Affairs of the UN Secretariat
  • German -Polish aggression first music band Love Parade founder Dr. Motte
  • German Post abroad ( program input dialog for carriers ), see DHL
  • German identity card, an official acronym in the GDR up in the 1970s for an ID card
  • German Patent Office, to 1998 name of today's German Patent and Trademark Office
  • Postal service training, see also the basic training of the German Armed Forces
  • Differential Power Analysis, a cryptanalytic method, see side-channel attack
  • Dipartimento di Progettazione Aeronautica
  • Diphenylamine, a toxin
  • Abbreviation for 9,10- diphenylanthracene, a chemical fluorescent
  • Diploma Examination Committee
  • Docosapentaenoic acid, an unsaturated essential fatty acid, an ω -3 and ω -6 a - isomer forms
  • DPA Microphones, a Danish manufacturer of microphones

Dpa in lowercase letters stands for:

  • German Press Agency
  • Displacements per atom ( displacements per atom), a measure of the displacement damage produced by radiation in materials

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