Dr Pepper/Seven Up

Dr Pepper / Seven Up was up to the corporate takeover by the Dr Pepper Snapple Group is an American beverage company. Dr Pepper / Seven Up was created from the merger of Dr Pepper and Seven Up.


In 1986 Dr Pepper / Seven Up Inc. by merger of Dr Pepper Company and Seven Up Company.

1995 Dr Pepper / Seven Up was acquired by the British confectionery group Cadbury Schweppes. By 2008 Dr Pepper / Seven Up was a daughter of the Group.

2003 established the North American beverage division Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages Cadbury Schweppes Group from the merger of Dr Pepper / Seven Up, the Snapple Beverage Group, Motts LLP, and Bebidas Mexico.

2008 Cadbury Schweppes spun the beverage division of the Group. The new in Plano (Texas ) -based company now operates as Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc.


In many countries, Dr Pepper Snapple has licensed the distribution rights to Coca Cola and other partners, as Dr Pepper / Seven Up practically does not own bottling plants. The distribution rights outside North America has PepsiCo, since 1985, owner of Seven Up International.

United States

In the United States, Dr Pepper does not have a network of bottling and distribution partners such as the larger competitors Coca -Cola Company and PepsiCo. Instead, distribute often independent partner of these companies as well as other smaller bottlers the drink.

Germany & Austria

In Germany, Dr Pepper for the first time to buy 1997 ( especially at gas stations and train stations ). In May 2006, the Krombacher (Dr Pepper so well ) took over the license and distribution of the brand Schweppes for Germany and Austria.