Drazark monastery

Drazark (Armenian Դրազարկ վանք, lat Tres Arce, . Alt- frz Trois- Arcs ) was a prominent Armenian monastery north of Sis in Cilicia (former Kingdom of Lesser Armenia ) with its own monastic -liturgical order ( lost ) on Georg Mełrik ( 1044 -1115 ) goes back and apparently imitated the Akoimeten.

Exact location and current conservation status of the system are unknown. The main church was consecrated to the Virgin Mary, the monastery inhabited beginning of the 13th century with 150 monks. In his scriptorium incurred significant manuscripts, including the early Lectionary Arch Cap. S. Pietro B 77 (a. 1221 ) the Vatican. Under Yovhannes VII ( 1203-1220/21 ) was used instead of Drazark Hromkla seat of the Catholicos of the Armenians.