Droomvlucht ( German: Dream Flight ) is a 1993 eröffneter Dark Ride in the Dutch theme park Efteling. In the subjects journey will pass over a distance of 425 meters hanging gondolas at different fairytale or dream-like scenes with forests, castles, fairies, elves, trolls, and other fairy tale characters. Although Droomvlucht no consistent story is told and the various scenes strung together only loosely, Droomvlucht claims to be the most visited and most popular attraction in the Efteling.

The driving system of Droomvlucht was supplied by Trans Lift, an English manufacturer of conveyor systems. Due to the technical problems that existed at startup with the driving system, which is actually for 1992, the 40th anniversary of the park, planned opening was delayed by a year. This misery also marked the end of the manufacturer. The gondolas for three to four people ( three adults or two adults and two children) will pass under a reminiscent of roller coaster rails rail construction. Two gondolas are coupled to form a train and have their own electric motor drive, which allows for different speeds. In the gondola station trains run slowly parallel to treadmills, which allows the entry and exit. Entry and exit areas are separated from each other but are located, connected with a curve, directly opposite. The nacelles can be rotated on its suspension so that an alignment to the respective right or left of the route lying scenes is possible.

The design of the theme ride took Ton van de Ven, Wim Dresen developed the lighting design.

For the various scenes total of six pieces of music by Ruud Bos, who also wrote the music for other attractions such as Fata Morgana, Villa Volta and Vogel Rok Efteling have been composed. It is in fact is the variations on a theme. Together with other compositions are five of the pieces in the park on different CDs available.

The original -style ride designed with many artificial flower hall for the queue, soon proved to be too small. So one outdoors lying, larger, but not thematized, the waiting area was introduced in 1996. The old area is still used for events.

As part of an expansion in early 2010 was the rear, far from the park, not visible, external facade of Droomvlucht redesigned and provided the roof with a dome.

On November 25, 2013 conversion time Droomvlucht was reopened after 3 months. According to Park, the attraction should therefore be made fit for the next 20 years. It was also the entrance theme changed, who has already taken care of a long time for criticism among fans because it does not fit to the amazing appearance of the dark rides. Inside the attraction, technical improvements, optimizations have been made ​​, for example, the bulbs replaced with LED lights and revised some scenes and improved.

Driving directions

After leaving the station, the gondolas go first with quiet music ascends into the darkness. The first scene shows the "kingdom of castles " ( Kastelenrijk ). Different sized models of castles and palaces in the Gothic style are seemingly on artificial cliff above waterfalls and fog. Some of the castles are movable and sway back and forth, some only move the towers.

The next scene is the "Forest of Wonders" ( Wonderwoud ). This is where the journey takes you past a forest alive with animatronics by elves, hybrid creatures, Faun and Satyr and unicorns. In a small pond you can see one of the swim Faunwesen.

Next it goes into the " Fairy Garden " ( Elfentuin ), this appears as a forest clearing, everything is colorfully decorated with flowers. Some of the elves figures seem to fly around, others sitting in the trees or on swings and seem to sing or play music. At the end of the scene beckons Oberon the Fairy King and his entourage to the passengers. Also various animals, such as deer and rabbits can be seen. In the scene fragrances come with flower scent to use.

It includes a corridor to framing with points of light as " Star Tunnel", the next scene, the sky castles ( Hemelburchten ) on conducts. There orbiting each, against a starry sky seemingly floating, various suspended " moons " or " planet " on which towns and castles are.

The highlight of the trip, both dramatically and physically in 13 meters of height, provides the subsequent " Zompenwoud ". To the artificial forest in a 17-meter- high hall ride the gondolas in a 17 meters in diameter spiral with up to 18 km / h in three full orbits down. At the bottom of the forest bathing some trolls in the seemingly ever- falling rain. The light in this scene is that of a rainy day.

The conclusion is a tunnel where some more trolls and elves adopt the passengers before the gondolas go by spray back into the station.

Adjoining the station in the same room is a small restaurant and a souvenir shop at, through which the building will be vacated again.


On April 30, 2007, there was a small fire caused by a short circuit in an electrical box between two gondolas. All passengers were unharmed freed from the attraction, only a few had mild impairment caused by the smoke. Despite rapid intervention brigade it took an hour and twenty minutes to the last eight passengers from their gondolas, who had stopped at a hard to reach place in the spiral of the last scene, could be saved.