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Efteling is a theme park in the Dutch province of North Brabant. He is Kaatsheuvel between Waalwijk and Tilburg.

The park is measured today at the visitor numbers to the largest amusement park in the Netherlands and the fourth largest leisure park in Europe (as of 2011).

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De Efteling has its origins in 1935 with the opening of a sports and hiking parks. After the project had fallen asleep on the war years, in 1950 founded the Stichting Natuurpark Efteling ( Efteling Nature Park Foundation ), which adopted the re-establishment of the park. After 1951 excavated a still existing pond and a tea house was built, was performed on 31 May 1952, the opening of the fairytale forest - a date which is today viewed from the park as its official founding date.

In the fairy tale forest of the park there was the opening to see a total of ten tales that were designed under the leadership of Anton Pieck Dutch artist. Among the tales of the early years include Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood, Frog Prince, Frau Holle, Snow White and the Chinese nightingale.

Anton Pieck remained until the year 1974 all responsible designer for new attractions at the park. Thus followed about 1958 The Flying Fakir, the representation of a written for this attraction fairy tale, which was regarded as a sensation because of the complex technical and creative implementation at that time and 1966, the Indian water lilies, which implemented a fairy tale of the Belgian Queen Fabiola.

When Anton Pieck more and more retired in the 1970s, and his longtime assistant Ton van de Ven took over the post of creative director, the change in the Efteling from a pure fairy tales and nature park started to become a modern amusement park. This was due, among other things, the growing competition from the newly founded Amusement Slagharen and Walibi. In the course of this change were attractions, such as the Python ( 1981), who was with her ​​four inversions in its time the largest and fastest roller coaster on the European mainland, the swinging ship Halve Maen (1982 ), and the first Rapid River Europe, the Piranhas (1983 ) opened.

Only a few years after the commencement of this investment campaign, began a further process that the historical heritage of the park by designer Anton Pieck helped himself. Thus, the opening of oriental themed dark rides Fata Morgana (1986 ), as well as the opening of the Dark Rides Carnaval festival can definitely be regarded as steps that extended the on -faceted young visitors Thrill concept to the traditional elements of the old Efteling. (: "Dream Flight " German 1993) of type Dark Ride this synthesis further affirms - with success, because in addition to increasing visitor numbers at the beginning of the 1990s with Pegasus (1991 ), the first wooden roller coaster in the Netherlands, as well as the delayed by one year anniversary attraction Droomvlucht beckoned 1992, the Applause Award, the award for best amusement park in the world.

Since then, De Efteling decided usually for a combination of technical and design feature, like the first Mad House in the world, Villa Volta (1996) and show the dark roller coaster Vogel Rok. In 2002 followed the 4D cinema Droom Panda, and in 2007, the Flying Dutchman, a combination of water roller coaster and dark ride.

The fairy tale forest, which still represents the actual core of the park has been expanded continuously since its opening in 1952 and was able to enjoy on a regular basis of new representations, as in the 90s and 2000s, for example, by The girl with the matches (2004), Rumpelstiltskin (1998) and Rapunzel ( 2001).

In parallel, there Efteling since the early 1990s, not only from the actual park grounds, but also offers other levels of products and attractions. From the year 1992, the Efteling Hotel offered the opportunity to stay close to the park and on several days to visit the park behind each other. Also the end of 2009 opened Ferienhauspark Bosrijk ( German: " forest kingdom " ) serves this purpose. Furthermore, it is since 2002 the Theater de Efteling (until 2008: Efteling Theatre), which is since August 2008 just outside the park opening times venue for musicals and other musical performances.

Other new business for the theme park since the second half of the 2000s also different media: In 2008, the so-called Efteling Radio went on the air; the park 's own series Sprookjesboom ( German: " fairy tree " ) is since 2006 in the Netherlands a great success and is sent, since 2009, in Germany in the regional television NRW.TV. In the long term is to be established according to a CEO Bart de Boer also has its own television station.


For the near future De Efteling plans further investments. After already opened in 2009 fairy tale Cinderella and presentation of the 2010 presented to the public figure of the fairy-tale tree was the beginning of July 2010, the zweistreckige racing wooden roller coaster Joris en de Draak put into operation. In April 2011, the first performance of a new park show was held in the open-air theater Raveleijn, which is the seat of government since November 2010 instead. For the anniversary year 2012, Efteling had to build his fourth overall dark rides originally made ​​- but only a few weeks after the announcement, it became clear that the planning and construction phase would last for Hartenhof longer than expected. With the opening of the attraction, which is expected to cost 42.5 million euros, on the Efteling Brink, the central square in the park, to be built and the story illuminates the park mascot Pardoes closer, is thus to be expected before 2015.

As a replacement for the Hartenhof Efteling opened the 60 - year anniversary celebration on June 1, 2012, the 17 million euro expensive water show Aquanura. The attraction, which was designed by the American manufacturer WET, was built on a lake on the theme ride mirage. According to the park is the largest water show in Europe and the third largest water show in the world. In the anniversary year also the 28th story shall be presented in a fairy tale forest to the public: De Nieuwe kleren van de Keizer ( Emperor's New Clothes ) is expected to be completed in the second half of the year.

The Park

Division of the park area

Originally there were four points of the compass named ranges in the park, where there were most of the attractions in the West with the fairy forest. In the early 1990s it was decided to divide the park into four kingdoms, but which hardly differ in their design. Only the subject of the attractions have a certain connection to the realm in which they were respectively constructed.

Rich in the park

The Marerijk (Wonderland ) is located in the northwestern part of the park. It includes, but is the dark ride Droomvlucht and the Mad House Villa Volta. Furthermore, the significant for the Fairytale Forest Park is located in Marerijk. In the northeast of the park the Reizenrijk ( Destination ) can be found. In probably the smallest of the four areas in particular the dark roller coaster Vogel Rok, and the Dark Ride Carnaval Festival stand out. The " Anderrijk " ( other land ) includes in the southwest attractions that thematically deals with other cultures. For Anderrijk include both attractions such as the log flume Pirana or the ( Swiss ) Bobbaan, as well as the ( Oriental ) Fata Morgana. Most thrill attractions are located in Adventure Land Ruigrijk (say country), which is located in the southeast Efteling. These include the looping coaster Python, the " roller coaster dark ride " De vliegende Hollander and the wooden roller coaster Joris en de draak.


Currently there are 36 attractions on the 72 -acre park.

Currently, five roller coasters are open in the park. The latest car is the racing wooden roller coaster Joris en de Draak, which was opened on 1 July 2010 and therefore the Intamin train Pegasus replaced. Also known are the looping coaster Python ( 1981), which was in its time one of the most modern roller coasters in Europe as well as the water coaster vliegende De Hollander.

Dark Rides are built in the Efteling since 1984. The best known and most popular attraction is the powered gondolas Droomvlucht. Overall, there are three dark rides in the park, which was with the Hartenhof for the Jubilee Year 2012 planned another.


More rich

In addition to the four large park rich even exist three other kingdoms, rewrite each with different divisions of the Efteling: The Bosrijk, the Torenrijk and Uitrijk.

The Bosrijk ( Wooded ) is a 2009 eröffneter holiday home park immediately adjacent to the park area, which is used primarily for multi-day visits to the park.

The Torenrijk (about: Realm of the towers) includes both opened in 1992, Efteling Hotel, built in 1995 and the Efteling Golf Park.

The Uitrijk (about: Empire at the output ) is available right at the park entrance. It includes the entrance building, the house of the five senses and the Efteling Theatre.

The planned Dark Ride Hartenhof is belong to a new topic, the Rijk fantasy (about: the realm of fantasy ).

Number of

Counted the park in the opening year still 223,000 visitors, so visit him now 4,200,000 people annually. In 2009, in addition to the one hundred millionth visitor was received.

Efteling is known for its total of 13 widely dispersed throughout the park talking trash ( Dutch: Holle Bolle Gijs ), here in the form of fairy tale characters " paper! Here " call and, after having thrown something up with a " paper thanks u wel "( something like: " Thank you "or " thank you " ) thank you.


The park could have a turnover of 144 million euros in 2011. Compared to the previous year ( 130 million euros ) this means an increase of 10.77 percent.

Meanwhile, however, the gross profit of the company declined compared to the previous year Even 2010 was a profit of 11.4 million euros achieved - this year, the total fell by about 18 percent to only 9.1 million euros.