George and the Dragon (roller coaster)

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Joris en de Draak ( German: George and the Dragon ) is a July 1, 2010 Efteling ( Kaatsheuvel, North Brabant, Netherlands ) opened racing wooden roller coaster manufacturer Great Coasters International. She replaces the 2009 demolished railway Pegasus.

The two routes whose names Water and Vuur (German: water and fire ) are recorded are each about 720 m long and reach a height of 25 m. The speed limit is 75 km / h The tracks are not exactly mirror or the same as in Racing Coastern usual. Partial run the tracks parallel, partially reversed. " Joris en de Draak " can therefore be considered as a mixture of racing and dueling coaster.

The theming is based on the legend of Saint George. George saves the virginal princess from a dragon by killing them. The theme is set but only by a large animatronic figure of a dragon in the scene. The stations are designed historicizing in medieval style, Water in shades of blue and red in Vuur

" Joris en de Draak " has two trains of the type " Millennium Flyer" with twelve cars per lane. In each car, two people can sit. The plant has a maximum capacity of 1700 people per hour. Riders must be at least 110 cm tall.



" No question - Joris en de Draak ' is not only the best roller coaster in the portfolio of Efteling, but because of, racing character ' perhaps the best of all Woodie Benelux "

"Once again, the greatest storyteller in Europe has created an extraordinary attraction which underlines the commitment of the park on a top podium place impressively [ ... ] Joris en de Draak is without doubt become one of the best and most exciting wooden roller coasters in Europe [ ... ] "


  • Amusement Today: Fifth Best New Ride of 2010 ( category " Best New Ride for 2010" at the Golden Ticket Awards)