Pegasus (Efteling)

Pegasus was a wooden roller coaster in the Dutch theme park Efteling.

The web from Curtis D. Summers was designed together with the well-known American wooden roller coaster designer Charles Dinn, who also took care of the wood. The technique for the railway was supplied by Intamin.

The only 16 meters height and 490 meters in length rather small plant was opened on 1 July 1991. She was the only wooden roller coaster in the Netherlands. With more moderate speeds of up to 55 km / h and rather low accelerations the path taught at the family audience.

In order to ensure an acoustically quiet ride no metal wheels but those were for the two trains, each with 20 seats, unlike most wooden coasters, used with polyurethane coating. At the same time the wheels ensured but for a partial something " square " procedure in the less sloping curves of the track.

Because of the high cost of maintenance and to make room for a new racing wooden roller coaster - Joris en de Draak - to create, Pegasus was closed June 19, 2009. In August 2009 the company began the demolition.

After leaving the station, the train was slowed down curiously directly back to the switch to the siding sure to happen. He then went through a 180 degree left turn and was transported from the chain lift to the lift hill. Shortly before reaching the highest point, the lift slowed sharply, so that the train on the first drop initially recorded slow ride. After driving up a 220 degree right turn followed followed by a further smaller departure. Subsequently, a 220 degree left turn, which was followed by a small airtime hill. The following 180 degree left turn led them through the wood construction. On the way back to the station is still closed on a small hill before the train in the pneumatic circuit brake to a halt.