Intamin is a Swiss- Liechtenstein group of companies in the development and production of leisure facilities and transportation systems.

Intamin is, inter alia, from Intamin AG, headquartered in Wollerau, from the Intamin Amusement Rides International Corporation Establishment based in Schaan and from the Intamin Transportation Limited, headquartered in Schaan.

Intamin Amusement Rides is particularly specialized in the production of roller coasters and free fall towers and produces 22 different leisure attractions. Worldwide, the company has so far made ​​90 roller coasters. CEO is Patrick Spieldiener.


The Intamin AG was founded in 1967 by brothers Robert and Reinhold Spieldiener Spieldiener and Alfons Saiko. The acquisition of the business by Patrick Spieldiener, the son of Reinhold Spieldiener, the company is still family owned. In the first years Intamin worked mostly with Swiss manufacturers of lifts and cable cars in order to gain experience in the field of safety engineering can. While Intamin specialized initially to transport systems, in 1969 came the first major contract for a leisure park with the construction of the viewing platform Oil Derricks in the amusement park Six Flags Texas, USA.

The first roller coaster was built in 1979 with Gemini Jr. at the amusement park Cedar Point and was also the occasion for an Intamin - office in the U.S.. The commitment in the U.S. The increase was primarily due to the acquisition of patents and rights to the bankrupt German Schwarzkopf GmbH. The majority of roller coasters since Intamin was usually in close cooperation with the German roller coaster designer Werner Stengel.

Record attractions

Intamin was particularly known by record structures. This includes the currently tallest and fastest roller coaster until November 2010 in the world, Kingda Ka, as is currently the fastest rollercoaster in the world, Formula Rossa, also the roller coaster Colossus with a total of 10 inversions. The longest roller coaster Intamin is Millennium Force with a length of 2010 m.

In Germany, among others, the wooden roller coaster Colossos and the Accelerator Coaster Desert Race at Heide -Park Soltau and the steel roller coaster Expedition GeForce at Holiday Park originated in Haßloch.


Aqua Trax

Accelerator Coaster ( hydraulic launch )

Electric Launch Coaster

Family Coaster

A.i. out of service (October 2012)

Mine Train Coaster

Double Roller Coaster

Looping Coaster

Giga Coaster


Mega -Lite Coaster

Half Pipe Coaster

Swiss Bob

Space Diver

Spiral Coaster

Stand-Up Coaster

Suspended Looping Coaster

Wooden Coaster

Water coaster


Park Operations

In Germany, the Intamin track GmbH & Co KG operates in Dortmund, the small car and the chair lift at the Westfalen Park. In Essen, the Gruga railway is operated by the Company.