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Alton Towers

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Alton Towers is probably the most famous theme park in the UK. It is located north of the village of Alton in Staffordshire right next to an old mansion, which bears the same name.

History of the Gardens

The gardens were founded in 1814 by the eccentric 15th Earl of Shrewsbury, and from that time on Alton Towers grew into a collection of gardens: a Swiss Cottage, a Stonehenge, a Dutch garden, a Pagoda Fountain, which on the to Ho Pagoda is based in Canton, Lysicrates Choragic Monument from Athens, domed glasshouses (originally gilded ), even a fairly large Matterhorn as a backdrop for one of the first rock garden of England.

The modern theme park

Alton Towers was bought in 1990 by the Tussauds Group and is known today for his extraordinary rides, such as the Inverted Coaster Nemesis, Oblivion, the first roller coaster in the world with an almost perpendicular (87 ° ) descent, and Air, a roller coaster that is driven in lying ( " Flying Coaster "). The oldest roller coaster Corkscrew was a roller coaster with two inversions, the manufacturer Vekoma, which belonged to the oldest of its kind. Early October 2008, gave the Park officially announced that the roller coaster will be decommissioned and demolished after 28 years of operation at the end of the 2008 season. The sheet was passed by a special opening on November 9, 2008. Furthermore, there is Rita, which accelerates in 2.5 seconds from 0 to 98 km / h, but only has a driving time of 25 seconds.

There is also with Hex an attraction that takes up the myths surrounding the Towers and their history.

A gondola with stations at the Forbidden Valley, the Towers Street and Cloud Cuckoo Land crosses the park.

A water park and two hotels also features of the park.

Roller coasters

  • Air ( Flying Coaster)
  • Nemesis ( Inverted Coaster )
  • Oblivion ( roller coaster vertical dive coaster )
  • Rita ( Launched Coaster )
  • Runaway Mine Train (Powered Coaster)
  • Sonic Spinball Spinball Whizzer to 2009 (Spinning Coaster)
  • Thirteen
  • The smiler

Former roller coasters

  • 4 Man Bob
  • Alton Beast
  • Alton Mouse
  • Black Hole
  • Corkscrew
  • Mini Apple
  • New Beast
  • Thunderlooper
  • Beastie ( family coaster )

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