Duamutef was one of the four sons of Horus and Kanopengötter who protected the mummified viscera. When his parents are the god Horus the Elder ( Haroeris ) and the goddess Isis.


Duamutef is first represented in human form, was the New Kingdom with the head of a jackal. About his portrayal with animal head, there is also in the literature, as in Kebechsenuef different information: On the one hand, the assignment of a falcon head, on the other hand a jackal head.

Importance as a patron god of the Canopic jars

Together with the three other sons of Horus Imseti, Hapi and Kebechsenuef he protected the mummified viscera. He was under the protection of the stomach.

Importance in mythology

The Pyramid Texts mention Duamutef as patron god of the dead and their helpers in the ascent to heaven. About the inscriptions on the Kanopenkrügen and related Kanopenkästen Duamutef is called and protects against starvation and thirst.

According to mythology, he was diagnosed of Horus as his siblings as guardians of the cardinal points and sent as Krönungsbote to the east. Duamutef is also a star god. With Kebechsenuef Duamutef forms in Hierakonpolis a pair that guarded the hands of Horus. His main cult is Buto, besides also Letopolis. His patron goddess Neith is.