Hapi (Son of Horus)

Hapi was one of the four sons of Horus and Kanopengötter who protected the mummified viscera. When his parents are the god " Horus the Elder " ( Haroeris ) and the goddess Isis.


Hapi is represented since the Middle Kingdom until the 18th dynasty with a human head, since the New Kingdom mostly with Pavia head. But there are also representations that depict him as a stout man with a crown of lilies or a papyrus plant.

Importance as a patron god of the Canopic jars

Together with the three other sons of Horus Imseti, Duamutef and Kebechsenuef he protected the mummified viscera. He was under the protection of the lung during the Middle Kingdom and the protection of the spleen.

Importance in mythology

Already the Pyramid Texts mention Hapi as a protective god of the dead and their helpers in the ascent to heaven. About the inscriptions on the Kanopenkrügen and related Kanopenkästen Hapi is called. According to mythology, he was diagnosed of Horus as his siblings as guardians of the cardinal points and sent as Krönungsbote north. Also Hapi is a star god. He frequently appears with Nephthys, which embodies the vessel and its patron goddess is. Cult of Hapi was Buto. In the late period he was associated with the heart.