E1 European long distance path

53.54579.967Koordinaten: 53 ° 32 ' 45 "N, 9 ° 58 ' 1" O

The European long-distance path E1 is part of the European long-distance hiking trails and runs from Umbria in Italy to the North Cape, the northernmost point of mainland Europe. Its total length is about 4900 km.

With the extension to the North Cape in the summer of 2013 2.000 Kilometer were added to predominantly existing trails. Only the last 350 km between the northern Norway Kautokeino and the North Cape were very restated as trail and marked. Cabins are only partially available on this route, so can this northernmost section deal as tents and backpacking best. Created and consistently marked with a white St. Andrew's cross on a black background are so far the routes in central Sweden, Denmark, Germany ( Black Forest red diamond see below), Switzerland and northern Italy.

The unlabeled start is in the Finn and Nordmark through Lapland. Next it goes into the Swedish Natural Park. Here it is not marked on its own, but runs along local roads. From the North: Royal Trail, Vasaloppsleden, Siljansleden, Lokalaleden, Sméleden, Bergslagsleden, Västra Vätterleden, Redvägsleden, Sjuhäradsleden, Knalleleden, Vildmarksleden Bohus, Halland. The lengths vary between 20 and 280 km. Construction and maps are also different. About Jutland Denmark is achieved. After 400 km through this country the German border near Flensburg is exceeded. From here it goes into wide loops over Kiel, Lübeck by Schleswig-Holstein to Hamburg. After the Lüneburg Heath, Celle, Hameln Süntel and the Weser mountain country is achieved.

The trail now leads through the Lippe Uplands, the Teutoburg Forest, the Eggegebirge, the Sauerland and the Westerwald, which starts at Siegen. Subsequently, the Lahn is crossed by the Taunus and it goes over the Great Feldberg to Frankfurt am Main. After Frankfurt again follow some flat stages before the Odenwald near Darmstadt waiting with new climbs and views. After crossing the Neckar river in Heidelberg, it continues through the Kraichgau to Pforzheim, gateway to the Black Forest. The St. Andrew's cross is replaced here by the red diamond of the West path. After Titisee of E1 turns off to Lake Constance and runs to get to the route of the Black Forest Freiburg -Bodensee - cross path.

After 1900 kilometers within Germany, the EU will leave for a 320 km route through Switzerland in Konstanz. Rapperswil, Einsiedeln, Lake Lucerne, Gotthard Pass, Ticino are the stops on the way to Italy. As a special feature to be noted for the way in Switzerland remains that here remains under a special mark of E1. The route, however, safely guided in directions and by the excellent system of trail marking the Swiss hiking associations to Italy. Through the Po Valley and the Ligurian Alps it comes to Genoa, and thence over the Apennines up to Castelluccio (near Assisi ). Here ends temporarily marking the way.

For the future, the continuation of the E1 over the Apennines in southern Italy is scheduled to end in Sicily.

Large parts of E1 are shown in OpenStreetMap, and to see with waymarked trails. Among other things, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and the north of Italy fully drawn.