Earth radiation

As terrestrial radiation or earth radiation phenomena are called in esoteric dowsing that should have an impact on the health of supposedly. One sometimes also referred to as terrestrial radiation scientifically proven terrestrial radiation has nothing to do with the postulated field lines.


In the presentation of the diviners terrestrial radiation by water veins, faults and various grids ( Benker grid, Curry grid, Hartmann grid) [AM 1] is triggered, which will cause an undefined closer vertically directed radiation, which is detectable by dowsing rods or pendulums. These rays are said to have a variety of negative effects on human health, it should be able to cause disease, a wide variety of negative behaviors or complicated wound healing. Thus, it is postulated, a place to sleep on a water vein should be particularly critical impact on human health and psyche, where individual people for this are different sensitive. To protect against these scientifically undetectable rays of different devices and protective amulets are offered, of which, however, could still prove a none whatsoever effectiveness in the scientific sense. As a unit of the strength of the influenced by the radiation energy of life which is not scientifically recognized unit Bovis used. The after dowsing earth radiation -induced effects can be explained by natural scientists through placebo and nocebo effects. Against earth rays were mainly in the 1970s " Erdstrahlungsentstörgeräte " sold. Earth radiation - Abschirmgeräte are still in the 21st century, for example via the Internet offered.


There is neither for the existence of the radiation itself or for its effects scientifically accepted evidence. Water veins as a possible cause can even be excluded for most regions, because the groundwater occurs mostly flat and not in underground " veins" flows. The rashes of a divining rod by which the sources are to be found, since the 19th century (Carpenter effect) can be explained by involuntary muscle spasms of the dowser.

Speculative can the existence of previously unknown physical factors may never be completely ruled out, however, the postulated " earth rays " on the current state of research in the natural sciences simply non-existent. In particular, all to established theories are to be regarded as a pseudoscience. The alleged effects of terrestrial radiation, many scientists assume two reasons: To a placebo effect plays a role, on the other hand, the supporters of the Erdstrahlenlehre would maintain a ( statistically proven ) healthier lifestyle, which can lead to positive effects.

In Norway in 2005, a study with 80 patients (67 women and 13 men ) was published, who complained of chronic symptoms of skeletal muscle. The study was conducted as a randomized, double -blind study. Half of the patients received a device to discourage the patient according to the manufacturer earth rays, which are responsible for the disease. The other group of patients received a placebo device. The study lasted for a period of six months. Patients were interviewed with a questionnaire on subjective health complaints ( Subjective Health Complaints, SHC ). It also allergies, pseudo- neurological and gastrointestinal diseases were recorded. It was observed a significant, occurring after about six weeks decrease in subjective health complaints (28 to 45%, P < .05 to .001 ). However, there was no significant difference between the placebo group and the "real" devices.

The Directors' Conference of the Geological Survey offices of the Federal Republic of Germany, published on March 23, 1950 a decision, " keep the geologists almost all civilized countries of the world the connection between rods rash and radiation unlikely " after.