Eberhard von Brauchitsch

Joachim Albrecht Eberhard Kurt Konrad Ferdinand von Brauchitsch ( born November 28, 1926 in Berlin, † 7 September 2010 in Zurich ) was a German manager. He was CEO of Flick KG and one of the main participants in the Flick affair. Most recently he worked as a management consultant and lawyer.


He came from the old Silesian noble family of the von Brauchitsch, and was the son of the frigate captain Konrad ( Kunz ) von Brauchitsch ( 1890-1947 ), head of the Reich sound archive, and Edith de la Barre ( 1895-1975 ).

Brauchitsch married on August 23, 1952 in Mainz, the doctor Helga Hempe ( born December 3, 1926 in leak (North Friesland ), † 7 September 2010), the daughter of the magistrate's Hans -Joachim Hempe and Selma Musaeus. The couple had three daughters and a son.


Brauchitsch studied law, among other things, at the London School of Economics, and was politically active in the Young European Federalists. He was then hired by Deutsche Lufthansa and worked for the legal department. In 1957 he was appointed Managing Director of the German Air Service GmbH.

From 1960 he worked for the Flick concern, first as Friedrich Karl Flick's personal advisor. He was managing partner of the 1965 Flick Group. From 1971 to 1973 he was General Manager of the publisher Axel Springer and deputy chairman of the Axel - Springer -Verlag in Berlin. In 1973 he went back to the Flick company and left him back to the party funding scandal in 1982, which was to be later known as Flick Affair. On February 16, 1987, the Landgericht Bonn Eberhard von Brauchitsch was convicted of tax evasion and abetting tax evasion to two years' imprisonment, which was exposed to a fine of DM 550,000 on parole.

He then worked as a management consultant and lawyer. From 1994 he worked for the East German chemicals group Buna -Werke Chairman.


Brauchitsch in the 1970s, was deputy chairman of the German Sports Aid Foundation. For his services in business and sports Federal President Walter Scheel gave him 1977, the Federal Cross of Merit First Class.


On September 7, 2010, took the seriously ill Brauchitsch and his equally ill woman with whom he was married for almost 60 years, claiming the Swiss euthanasia organization " Exit" life.


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