EFAF Challenge Cup

The EFAF Challenge Cup is a European Cup sports competition for European club teams in American football. The EFAF Challenge Cup is next to the EFL and EFAF Cup the third club competition in the European Federation of American Football ( EFAF ). The Cup was first held in 2009.

  • 4.1 Group A
  • 4.2 Group B
  • 4.3 Group C
  • 4.4 Group D
  • 4.5 Final Round

Challenge Cup

Under the umbrella of EFAF occur, similar to the UI-Cup in football, European football teams each of the top domestic leagues in an annual competition against each other and play the EFAF Challenge Cup. While the Challenge Cup is aimed at teams from the southeastern EFAF member countries of the parallel discharged EFAF Atlantic Cup is addressed to the teams in the northwestern EFAF members.

Participants are champions or runners-up of the "small " Football Nations and other high -placed teams from the national leagues.

Game Mode

In the group stage play four teams into two groups from the group winners and runners-up. Here, each team plays against every team in the group once each. Following the group stage, semi-finals and finals will be held. The matches of the group stage will be held between 5 April and 31 May.

Teams 2009

Group A

  • Poland Pomerania Seahawks
  • Hungary Győr Sharks
  • Serbia Vrbas Hunters
  • Serbia Klek Knights

Group B

  • Poland Wrocław Devils
  • Italy Reggio Emilia Hogs
  • Serbia Pančevo Panthers
  • Serbia Kragujevac Wild Boars

* Wrocław Devils walk over to the game

Final round

Kragujevac Wild Boars * walk over to the semi-finals

Teams 2010

Group A

Group B

  • Hungary Győr Sharks
  • Serbia Klek Knights

Group C

  • Romania Bucharest Warriors
  • Serbia Cacak Angel Warriors

Group D

Final round

* Cacak Angel Warriors walk over to the semi-finals