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Egtved is a Danish town with 2280 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013) and is located in the Municipality of Vejle, Region Syddanmark. Until the 2007 municipal reform Egtved seat of the commune of the same name was with 15,300 inhabitants and was a member of the Vejle Amt. The Egtved municipality went largely into the new Municipality of Vejle, but partly also in the Kolding municipality.

Egtved situated in a hilly landscape, which was marked by moraines. Two miles to the northwest Egtveds lies the grave of the Bronze Age Girls Egtved, which found the farmer Peder place in 1921, when he tried to clear the remains of a grave mound. The grave mound has since been reconstructed. In the immediate vicinity there is a small exhibition " Egtved Pigens Grav ". Egtved has a Romanesque church from 1170. Near the city lies Nybjerg Mill, a former water mill.


The railway line Kolding - Egtved was decommissioned on 31 March 1930. Since then Egtved is no longer connected to the Danish railway network. Egtved lies on the streets 176 and 417 19 km away from Egtved is Billund ( Legoland and Lego plants, airport ), each about 20 km, the distance to the cities of Kolding and Vejle.