Concord (Latin: concordia ) is a peaceful cohesion within a group.

Harmony, as well as Concordia, are part of the name of:

  • Sports clubs, as Eintracht Frankfurt, Eintracht Braunschweig Eintracht Trier, Eintracht Wetzlar, Eintracht Hildesheim, Eintracht Rheine or FC Concordia Wilhelmsruh, 1 SV Concordia Delitzsch ( handball) or FC Concordia Basel. See also: Football club name
  • Insurance and social service providers, such as health insurance concord Heusenstamm, the Concordia Association for the promotion of the welfare of the workers, the Concordia Press Club, or the Concordia Swiss Health and Accident Insurance.
  • Plants and equipment in mining, such as the Concordia mine, mine Eintracht civil engineering, mine Concordia, Eintracht lignite plants and briquette AG, which was colloquially often referred to only as concord.
  • Choral societies, such as the male voice choir Eintracht Limburg.
  • Orders, see Order of concord

Harmony in art

The inscription on the Lubeck Holsten Concordia domi, foris pax ( " concord at home, peace to the markets") expresses the confidence of the commercial republic Lübeck.