FC Eintracht Rheine

The FC Eintracht Rheine ( officially: football club Eintracht Rheine eV) is a sports club based in Rheine in the district of Steinfurt. The club has about 860 members in the departments soccer and tennis. The first football team plays since the rise in 2013 in the fünftklassigen Oberliga Westfalen. In addition, the FC Eintracht once attended the DFB Cup.



The FC Eintracht Rheine is the product of numerous mergers club. The previous clubs can be traced back to the year 1908. Oldest original club Borussia Rheine, Westfalen champion in 1928. Borussia merged in 1969 with the VfL ​​Rheine Rheine to red and white. In the highest Westphalian amateur league once played the Rheinermark clubs BV and SpVgg that merged to FC Rheine 1969. On June 27, 1971 merged Red White and FC Rheine Rheine to VfB. This merged on 10 June 1994 with the SG Eintracht Rheine to FC Eintracht Rheine. The women's football section split up on 10 March 1998 FFC Heike Rheine as.

Men's Football

The FC Eintracht competed in the regional league Westphalia 1, where the VfB Rheine last played. Two years later, the team secured with eleven points behind the TSG Dülmen the runner-up and met in a play on the runner-up of the parallel Season DSC Wanne -Eickel. In the neutral Rhade is pan - Eickelmann prevailed 1-0; However, because of the Regional descent of the second team of Wattenscheid 09 the game was meaningless. Two years later, succeeded by four points on the SV Lippstadt 08 the rise in the then fourth-rate Oberliga Westfalen.

In a league of concord first reached consistently digit table spaces. The sporting highlight here was the third place in the 2001/ 02 behind the amateur teams of Borussia Dortmund and FC Schalke 04 A year later, the FC Eintracht won with a 2-1 victory over the Sportfreunde Siegen the Westphalia Cup and thus qualifying for the first and so far only time for the DFB Cup. In the first round the concord met the then second division side VfB Lübeck. After a goalless 90 minutes, the Lübeck were able to win 2-0 in front of 2,856 spectators in the extension.

In the league, the club slid back into mediocrity. On the final day of the 2003/04 season the team was defeated in the amateurs of Arminia Bielefeld 0-8. Four years later, the harmony was Fifteenth and thereby missed qualifying for the newly created NRW-Liga. Thus, the club played in the now sechstklassigen Westphalia League 1 next. There, the harmony in the years 2009 and 2011 runner-up behind the SC Wiedenbrück 2000, or the TuS Dornsberg was. Two years later, the harmony was again runner-up, this time behind the SV Roedinghausen. By a 3-0 playoff victory against FC Brünninghausen in neutral ash mountain harmony promotion to the Oberliga.

On the first day of the league season 2013/14 saw 3,522 spectators a 1-1 draw against local rivals Pupils New churches. This was also a new attendance record for the league after the reintroduction in 2012.

Women's Soccer

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The introduced from VfB department played in the Bundesliga and came in the era of double-track Bundesliga until 1997 fourth place respectively. The greatest success was achieved in 1997 when the team reached the final of the DFB Cup. Here the team defeated Green-White Brauweiler with 1:3. The best known player is Kerstin Stegemann, which denied a total of 191 caps for the German national team and twice world champion was.


  • Westphalia Cup Winners 2003
  • Promotion to the Oberliga Westfalen 1998 2013
  • In the Eternal table of the Oberliga Westfalen Eintracht covered with 781 points from 598 games to rank sixth.
  • DFB Cup finalist of 1997 women


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Home ground of FC Eintracht Rheine is the OBI Arena. The stadium was opened in 1961 and was called to 2002 Stadium Delsen and by 2010 Auto Senger Stadium. The OBI Arena has a capacity of 3,000 seats, of which 400 seats and 300 standing places covered.


  • Mario Plechaty
  • Jürgen auditor ( Trainer)
  • Kerstin Stegemann