El Mirador

El Mirador is the largest Mayan city from the Präklassik. The ruins are located in El Petén, the northernmost department of Guatemala. The city was abandoned about 50 AD by the inhabitants thereof; It was only rediscovered in 1926. In El Mirador many representations of the bird of God Vucub Caquix were found.

In El Mirador, there are about 35 buildings which were built on a 3-level pyramid. Two of these are very large structures. The " El Tigre " Temple is about 55 meters high. " La Danta " (or Danta ) measures about 70 meters and is equipped with a volume of 2,800,000 cubic meters one of the largest pyramids in the world.

2009, a four -meter-long and three meters high Mayan frieze was found in El Mirador, the built circa 300 BC dates, making it the oldest previously known Mayan frieze. The frieze consists of limestone and stucco and shows Hunahpu and Ixbalanque while bathing in a river.