List of Maya sites

The list of Mayan ruins gives an overview of the known and recorded archaeological ruins of the Maya. This includes both formerly inhabited cities as well as purely religious places ( ceremonies and sacrificial sites ) included. The listed ruins are located on the present territory of the states:

Colonized the Maya region was probably already thousands of years ago. The earliest documented settlements in villages can be dated to about 2000 BC.

The overview preferably contains archaeological sites, where excavations and usually reconstruction work has taken place. Not all of these ruins are officially open to visitors. The names of other - so far largely unexplored - Mayan sites can be found in the contributions to the Puuc style, the Chenes style and the Rio Bec style.

The list is arranged alphabetically by the name of the Mayan ruins, but can also by countries and regions ( in Mexico: Federal States in Guatemala: departments ) will be sorted. Furthermore, since occur on an ongoing archaeological expeditions and excavations, is a continuous extension of the list to be expected.