The Mayan ruins of Cerros is located in the Corozal District in Belize (Central America) on a peninsula between the Bay of Corozal and the Lowry's Bight. Was colonized the place about 300 BC and remained so until about 200 AD The Spanish name refers to the earth-covered hill ( cerros ), under which lie the ancient pyramids.

In Cerros are three large acropolis, several plazas and pyramids. The tallest building is about 22 feet high with a base of 52x60 meters. Whereas the excavation -down -a-days large stucco masks have been covered over to their backup again and not visible. The city was primarily a Seehandelszentrum for jade and obsidian.

In modern times, Cerros was first described by Thomas Gann in the 19th century rediscovered but only in 1973 was followed by more detailed investigations.