Electro -Harmonix is a trademark of New Sensor Corporation New York, USA, the effect devices for musicians produces primarily suitable for both live and for studio use. The company in 1968 by Mike Matthews was founded.

Most devices are designed for electric guitars, a few of the electric bass, and most can be easily used with any sound (keyboard, microphone, etc. ).

A special feature of the EHX products is sticking to the analog domain, although the trend for many years is clearly for digital sound editing. Especially with delay effect devices have digital processing devices have clear advantages. e.g. no sound and volume losses, very long delay times, loop functions. Electro -Harmonix still continues to offer pure analog delay effect devices.

In addition, other standard effects are represented in the catalog of the company, of distortion pedals over modulation effects (chorus, phase shifter, Tremolo, Vibrato, etc. ) to synthesizers, which also work the same way. In recent years, new devices also have been added, working with electron tubes, which the New Sensor Corporation also manufactures. Another special feature is the creative naming of each device: " Small Stone " ( Phaser ), "The Worm " ( vibrato, tremolo, wah phaser ), "Bass Balls" ( envelope filter ), " Big Muff " ( Fuzz ), " Holy Grail " (Reverb ), etc.

Popular musicians who created their own unique sound using the EHX effect devices, the company helped to great fame. Guitarist Kurt Cobain of Nirvana used for example for the main theme in " Come As You Are" as well as various solo chorus "Small Clone". In addition, the well-known of the White Stripes musician Jack White often uses the " Polyphonic Octave Generator" or simply " POG " which can be heard especially in the song Blue Orchid. Prototypes of the distorter " Big Muff " were rumored to already used by Jimi Hendrix; later he was to listen to songs by Carlos Santana, the grunge band Mudhoney and Tocotronic.