Electronic Gaming Monthly

Electronic Gaming Monthly (short: EGM ) is American computer game magazine.


The magazine was launched as a magazine for game consoles launched in March 1989 by Steve Harris and appeared monthly in the publishing of the Sendai Media Group. 1996 Sendai was acquired by Ziff Davis, where the EGM as a sister magazine Computer Gaming World ( CGW ) covered the console area. In January 2009, shortly before the twentieth anniversary, the magazine was discontinued after 239 editions of the financially stumble geratenen Publisher mother. The setting was part of a comprehensive restructuring of the publisher's portfolio. In April 2008, the CGW - follow format Games for Windows had already been set, coinciding with the cessation of the EGM Video Game Online offer the publishing house were sold. However, despite last 500,000 readers no buyer could be found for the EGM. After adjustment acquired booklet founder Steve Harris naming rights of Ziff Davis back. Since April 2010, the magazine will be published under his direction in the publishing EGM Media. With the revival of the booklet, the rhythm was converted to a bi-monthly publication and expanded its coverage area to the PC and mobile platforms.


The first website of the magazine was published under the domain nuke.com. In 1996, the site has been merged with GameSpot, after Ziff Davis took over the Sendai Media Group. After Gamespot was sold in 2003 by Ziff Davis on CNET, 1UP.com became the new website of the magazine. This was sold at the same time setting the print edition of EGM separately before it was again taken over by another change of ownership along with IGN Ziff Davis and discontinued in February 2013. Since the relaunch we find the page to the magazine under the domain egmnow.com.


July 1994 appeared with EGM2 (stylized: EGM2 ) a sister publication that specialized in cheats and clues. It appeared a total of 49 issues before the magazine finally renamed in August 1998 in Expert Gamer and after a further 39 editions in November 2001 in GameNow. In January 2004, the GameNow was eventually discontinued after 27 issues.

There were several foreign-language offshoot of the magazine, who were led by their own editors

  • From November 2002 to 2008, was published by Editorial Televisa in Mexico, Electronic Gaming Monthly en español. Chief editor of the paper was Adrián Carbajal. In December 2008, the magazine was discontinued due to financial problems of Ziff Davis.
  • As of 2003, the company Conrad Editora the EGM Brasil laid before it appeared from the winter of 2005 at Futuro Comunicação. By setting the EGM U.S. magazine in EGW (Entertainment Game World) has been renamed.
  • More foreign expenditures: EGM Thailand ( Publisher: Future Gamer Company), EGM Singapore ( Publisher: MediaCorp Publishing) and EGM Turkey ( Publisher: Merkez dergi ).