1UP.com was a US-based online magazine with a focus on computer games.


1UP was set up in 2003 by media company Ziff Davis as website of the computer game magazine Electronic Gaming Monthly in life as the magazine needed by selling Gamespot at the Sendai Media Group, a new online presence. 1UP evolved with the times to offer centralized, online computer game of all publications of the publishing house. The website included editorial reports, news, Computerspielrezensionsen and video posts. Much like a print magazine published 1UP.com special weeklong " online cover stories " ( for example, Soulcalibur 3, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Virtua Fighter 5 ). This meant daily new posts on the topic in the form of new detail reports, developer interviews, screenshot galleries, video recordings of the game and / or video documentation on the developer or the developer.

In 2006, Ziff Davis the computer game print magazine Computer Gaming World magazine in favor of the newly established Games for Windows a. The magazine website has also been integrated into 1UP. With the setting of the magazine in April 2008, the format was continued as an online publication in the context of 1UP.

1UP was sold in 2009 to the belonging to the Hearst Corporation online network UGO Networks, which in turn was taken over by News Corp. subsidiary IGN Entertainment, 2011. Finally, IGN was acquired in February 2013 by Ziff Davis, which 1UP came into the possession of its original publisher again. Shortly after the takeover, however Ziff Davis announced that the company intends to focus on the formats IGN and AskMen. 1UP has been discontinued along with GameSpy and UGO Entertainment, a part of the editorial staff was transferred to IGN.