Eliseo Salazar

Eliseo Salazar ( born November 14, 1954 in Santiago de Chile ) is a Chilean former Formula 1 driver. He played between 1981 and 1983 24 races and took three championship points.

Salazar made ​​for one of the most famous scenes in the recent history of Formula 1 to the Grand Prix of Germany at Hockenheim in 1982, he collided with the leading Nelson Piquet when he tried to overtake him. Both cars were then no longer roadworthy, which brought about his victory chances Piquet beat in front of cameras one on Salazar.

Eliseo Salazar started after the end of his career in Formula 1 in the American Indy Racing League. After a serious accident in 2002 during a test drive, he turned to sports car and rally racing. In 2009, he took a part McRae prototypes for the first time in the Dakar Rally. Since 2010 he is the teammate of Robby Gordon and driving like this is also a converted Hummer H3.

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