Emmanuel Top

Emmanuel Top ( born October 25, 1971) is a French Acid and trance music producer who (eg Acid phase or Turkish bazaar ) had in the 1990s within the techno scene big hits. Emmanuel Top is one of the most important and influential producers of this time.

From 1991 Emmanuel Top worked with Bruno Sanchioni together for its projects Bazz, BST and Introsik and formed with him the formation Illicit experiment published in 1992 three singles.

Also in 1992 he founded the label Attack Records, predominantly the acid techno and devoted himself exclusively to the he self-published. Later he founded the sublabel Triangle for trancelastigere productions to life, was released on the 1995 including the track fusion.

In 1996 Emmanuel Top with Bruno and Bruno Quartier Sanchioni the trance project BBE, with its Seven Days And One Week celebrated worldwide chart success.

Discography (selection)