Emperor Takakura

Emperor Takakura (高 仓 天皇jap, Takakura tennō; * September 23, 1161; † January 30, 1181 ) was the 80th Tenno of Japan. He ruled from March 30 1168 to 18 March 1180th His proper name was Norihito (宪 仁). His father was the former Emperor Go - Shirakawa, his mother Taira no Tokiko was a Taira no Kiyomori's sister in law and his wife was the daughter of Taira no Kiyomori. Kiyomori was a very powerful politicians of the time, and held the real power, together with Go- Shirakawa.

Takakura was the father of Emperor Go- Toba and Antoku, and grandfather of the Emperor Tsuchimikado and Juntoku whose fathers Go- Toba, and Go- Horikawa were. From Go- Horikawa today's imperial family comes from.

  • Tennō
  • Born in 1161
  • Died in 1181
  • Man
  • Heian period