Enéas Carneiro

Enéas Ferreira Carneiro ( born November 5, 1938 in Rio Branco ( Acre ); † 6 May, 2007 Rio de Janeiro) was a Brazilian politician.

In 1989, he founded the Partido da da Ordem Nacional Reedificação ( PRONA ) ( party to restore national order ). In three presidential elections Enéas Carneiro ran as a candidate. In 2002 he was elected to the state of Sao Paulo for Deputado Federal ( Member of the Brazilian parliament ). He was elected with 1.57 million votes in the office, setting a unprecedented record.


Enéas lost his parents at the age of eight years. This forced him early to go to work to provide for the upkeep of his younger siblings. In 1958 he left Acre, to begin a course of study in Rio de Janeiro. A year later he already made ​​his first degree, in 1965 he received his doctorate of medicine and specialized in cardiology. His first textbook on Electrocardiology was a great success among the medical students who gave the nickname of the work of The Bible Enéas.

  • Member of Parliament (Brazil )
  • Brazilian
  • Born in 1938
  • Died in 2007
  • Man