Eormenric of Kent

Eormenric (also Iurmenric or Irmenric ), considered as the first historical king secured the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of the dynasty of Oiscingas Kent in the 6th century.


Unusually for a Anglo-Saxons is the name Eormenric. Eormen names were limited in England almost exclusively to the royal family of Kent, so Eormenrics offspring while they were widely used in the Frankish Empire. Also in archaeological finds such as grave goods is distinguished from about 500 a Frankish influence from.

The sources for Eormenrics origin are contradictory: the Venerable Bede wrote around 730, he was a son of the Ohta. Around 800 Nennius, however, described him as the son of Ossa ( = OISC / Oeric ). Uncertainty still exists about his reign beginning: Maybe he already followed by 512 on Oeric, but probably around 522 or 539 on Ohta.

His daughter Ricola he married with Sledda and allied himself with the royal house so of Essex. When his well- born son Aethelberht I. 552 his successor took over, is not completely secured; while some an early date to take 560 for Eormenrics death, others tend to go out of the time around 585. Accordingly, it is unclear, therefore, whether the heath Eormenric had around 580 opportunity to take on the bride's choice of his son, Christian, Bertha, daughter of the Frankish king Charibert I., influence.