Erich Siebert

Erich Siebert (* May 7, 1910, † 1947) was a German wrestler.

He started at age 10 with the rings and was already 18 years old in 1928 with the ASV Bad Kreuznach German team champion. He joined soon after the police, was transferred there several times and struggled so near Darmstadt, Mainz (ASV Mainz 1888) and Lodz ( the renamed by the Nazis Łódź). He wrestled in both the Greco-Roman and free style. In his first international use at the European Championships 1934 in Rome, he defeated all four of his opponents, including Edvin Bietags, Latvia, but had a missing dot more than the beneficiary of a bye Bietags, so this, the then unfortunate rules accordingly, became European Champion. End of the war came Siebert in Soviet prisoner of war and died in 1947 in a warehouse.

International success

(OS = Olympic Games, European Championship EM =, g = Greco-Roman style, F = Freestyle, HS = light heavyweight, S = Heavy weight)

Success in the German Championships