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Erseka ( Albanian: Ersekë; Greek Erseka Ερσέκα ) is a small town in southeast Albania, with 3746 inhabitants ( 2011). Local sources indicate a significantly higher population of nearly 10,000 people. The village lies on a plateau between the Osum River and the mountain Gramoz ( 2,520 m) to about 1,020 m. Erseka is the capital of the circle Kolonja.

For the Ottoman period Erseka was a small market town. During the communist period food and alcohol production sites and the local administration were built so that Erseka developed to the local center.

Today, there are Erseka a museum, cultural center Stilian Fan Noli, a library with 50,000 books and about 250 service and retail industries. Even international NGOs such as the Christian organizations Agrinas and Pishtarmbajtësit Shqipëri ( torchbearer Albania) are represented in the city.

Erseka is very remote at the scenic road from Tepelenë about Përmet and Leskovik by Korçë, Albania southwest which connects to the southeast. Until Korçë is 45 km away.

The local football club KS Gramozi Erseka played in the 2009/10 season in the top division after the climb he was succeeded in the second highest league in previously.