Ethnic Heritage Ensemble

The Ethnic Heritage Ensemble is an existing for more than 35 years, North American jazz ensemble.

In 1973, the group in which musicians play since the founding of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians, first formed by Kahil El'Zabar in Chicago to play with her " trans-African music." After a guest stay in Ghana whose concept had El'Zabar designed to " unite the traditional African sensibility with contemporary forms of Western music in which black musicians play a different key than on the continent ."

In Ethnic Heritage Ensemble 's approach and the heritage of musical tradition in Africa with the innovative achievements and expression of the Creative Jazz is combined within the meaning of this " trans-African music." " The Ethnic Heritage Ensemble is strongly rhythmic, percussive and grooving, making music between lyrical and playful and impulsive, between tradition and innovation, between bop and free, but remain stuck in every single note of the African American tradition. Against this background, the musical statements Kahil El'Zabars are among the strongest and most meaningful in Jazz " Since 1977, the band continues to be successful outside of North America on the road and especially in Europe.; they released their albums in smaller European labels.

Most of the time she worked as a trio in the cast percussionist, Woodwinds, Brass. As in the early days and between 1998 and 2000 is the ensemble since 2006 in an enlarged formation.

In recent years, individual songs, the ensemble also a remix were subjected (eg by IG Culture, Osunlade, Henrik Schwarz, Charles Webster, Djinji Brown or Kemit Sources. )

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