Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians

The Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians ( AACM ) is a musician association in the field of free jazz, which was founded on May 9, 1965 in Chicago.


The AACM evolved from a sample tape, which was initiated in 1962 by Muhal Richard Abrams. Informally called the Experimental Band ( experimental group ), which had not yet occurred but too compositions played by Abrams, Phil Cohran, Jack DeJohnette, Joseph Jarman, Roscoe Mitchell, Troy Robinson, Maurice McIntyre and others. Many of the pieces turned compositional techniques of contemporary classical music: seriality, polytonality and chromaticism. First, we rehearsed in a restaurant on the South Side, but later they changed to the Abraham Lincoln Center, one of the oldest buildings in Chicago. On the one hand, the musicians were inspired by a high level of creativity, on the other hand, they lacked opportunities to appearance. Abrams, Christian, Cohran and McCall, therefore, founded an association for jazz musicians that create performance opportunities for musicians of the free jazz and should promote social projects in Chicago. In May 1965, the AACM was recognized by the State of Illinois as a non-profit organization.

Today, the AACM is publicly funded and is adjacent to Chicago and New York City active. There occurs primarily the Art Ensemble of Chicago, as a kind of core formation on. Also, the Ethnic Heritage Ensemble, the trio Air and the Creative Construction Company are recognized as important ambassadors of the group. Among the current AACM members include Anthony Braxton, Joseph Jarman, Chico Freeman and George Lewis. As an important deceased member Lester Bowie 's name next to Steve McCall and Leroy Jenkins.

Apart from organizing concerts, the AACM is also involved in local politics by offering free training courses for urban youth. The AACM School of Music teaches on all instruments and voice in all subjects; in addition, it also offers courses in music theory. The AACM has therefore also get support from the MacArthur Foundation. The first female President of AACM is Nicole Mitchell.

Close relations exist an influential sister organization, the Black Artists' Group ( BAG) of St. Louis, Missouri and the Columbia College Chicago. The AACM - female band Samana played in 1997 on the birthday of Hillary Clinton.

The motto of the Association is: " Great Black Music, Ancient to the Future. " ( Excellent black music, from ancient times to the future. )

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