Nicole Mitchell (musician)

Nicole Mitchell ( born February 17, 1967 in Syracuse (New York)) is an American composer and flautist of the Modern Creative.

Life and work

Mitchell started out as a classical musician since the age of 15, she plays the flute. While studying at the University in San Diego, she was first confronted with jazz; James Newton had a great musical influence on them. In 1992 she moved to Chicago where Fred Anderson was her mentor and member of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians was after a short time. She played with the woman band " Samana " the AACM and then founded the band " Tindanga Mama". Since 1995 she has worked in a duo with Hamid Drake. Their first CD "Vision Quest " (2001) was conceived as a spiritual journey; on their second CD "Africa Rising" (2002), she celebrated the traditions of Africa and developed an African American perspective. Their third CD " Hope, Future, and Destiny " (2004 ) is based on an interdisciplinary major project and combines dance, film, poetry and jazz. Currently, she has performed internationally with either their Indigo Trio on or with its large format Black Earth Ensemble, with whom she submitted the album Black Unstoppable. In 2008 she presented in Vancouver, where she spent two years guest artist at the Vancouver Creative Music Institute, with the NOW Orchestra her composition "Through the Eyes of a Child". In 2010 she led as Artist in Residence at multiple plants at the Chicago Jazz Festival. Also, they came in groups of Rob Mazurek in appearance.

Mitchell served as Vice President of AACM for the training of young musicians since 2006. Since August 2011 she is professor at the University of California, Irvine.

Prizes and awards

In the Downbeat Poll Mitchell was a row ( 2005-2010 ) awarded as a leading flute talent for several years; 2010 and 2011 she won the Kritikerpoll the magazine as a leading flutist. In 2010 she also drew the Jazz Journalist Association as a jazz flutist of the year. In 2011 she was awarded the $ 75,000 doped with Alpert Award.