Rob Mazurek

Robert " Rob" Mazurek (born 1965 in Jersey City ) is an American cornetist and composer of the Modern Creative Jazz.

Life and work

Mazurek began ten years ago with the Kornettspiel. After teaching at the Bloom School of Jazz in Chicago, he was geared to the hard bop (especially in the game of Lee Morgan, Kenny Dorham and Freddie Hubbard ) and has performed with Kenny Prince and Yoron Israel. Then he formed his first quartet, with which he successfully occurred in 1993 and presented first albums (Man Facing East 1994 Badlands 1995).

Around 1996, he advanced - influenced by Morton Feldman and Iannis Xenakis as well as the Art Ensemble of Chicago, Bill Dixon and Wadada Leo Smith - his musical horizons and appeared with Jeff Parker. Together with John Herndon he belonged to the group Isotope 217. In 1997 he founded with Chad Taylor, the Chicago Underground Duo, which published some avant-garde albums on the label Thrill Jockey. For him, the Chicago Underground Orchestra ( with Jeff Parker, Chad Taylor, Noel Kupersmith and Sara P. Smith ), which also grossed more albums emerged. He also starred in the electronic project of Sao Paolo Under Ground ( with Guilherme Granado and Mauricio Takara ), with whom he previously released four albums. In 2005 he founded his Exploding Star Orchestra, with whom he toured several times in Europe. In 2012 he took an octet on the occasion of an exhibition on Miles Davis in Sao Paolo his album Skull Sessions on.

Disco Graphical Notes

  • Starlicker Double Demon ( Delmark Records in 2010, with Jason Adasiewicz, John Herndon )
  • Skull Sessions ( Cuneiform Records 2012, with Nicole Mitchell, Jason Adasiewicz, Thomas Rohrer, Guilerme Granado, Carlos Issa, John Herdon, Mauricio Takara )
  • Sao Paolo Undergrund Beija flors velho e sujo ( Cuneiform 2012)